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Free Virtual Event February 3–7 & 10–14, 2014

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Do you have a vision to see people living more mindful, healthful, and sustainable lives?

Have you stepped out to turn your passion into a meaningful, soul-fulfilling business?

Do you ever think to yourself: “I would do this for free, except that I have my own bills to pay, too”?

Are you looking for the mindset, knowledge, and skills to turn your passion into a sustainable business income?

Then this event is for you.

Register today for the Wellness Pro Summit and receive 10 days worth of valuable insights and actionable ideas from our speakers on the mindsets, knowledge, and skills you need in the marketing and growth of your business, so you can fulfill your vision of empowering people to live more mindful, healthful, and sustainable lives and thereby propel a movement of positive global change.

NOTE:  The recordings will be available for free download, too – there is no “upsell” to this telesummit…  It’s truly free.


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Who’s Speaking at the Wellness Pro Summit

10 people who are participating in the Wellness Pro Summit

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What You’ll Learn:

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  • The formula for a home page that turns visitors into clients 
  • Simple tweaks you can make to your current website to build your list
  • What you should remove from your website to make it more effective
  • The many factors, beyond diet and exercise, that influence weight
  • How women unwittingly outthink themselves when it comes to weight loss
  • Why weight can be the perfect scapegoat for aspiring entrepreneurial women to play small
  • How to stay in integrity even if you’re not always practicing what you preach
  • How to book regular VIP days even with a very small list
  • What to put on your VIP day sales page
  • The basic structure of a life-transforming, referral producing VIP Day
  • How to take clients from a VIP Day to high-end package
  • How to turn trials to triumphs (and profits)
  • How to boost business by boosting the fun factor
  • How to have more impact and make more money by making room for miracles
  • How to build your brand like a pro
  • More simple website tweaks that get big results
  • How to get media exposure quickly
  • Why online marketing has allowed so many women to build businesses and lives they love
  • How to build expert status so you are seen as a credible authority online
  • Key advice for women who are looking to transition and grow a business online
  • A powerful activity to help you overcome fear and inner conflict
  • Mindset shifts to help you fully align with your purpose & express it authentically
  • Why vision boards can be preventing you from reaching your goals
  • Creating an additional income stream in your business through product sales
  • How to avoid greenwashing and make sure the products you endorse align with your message
  • Critical pitfalls to avoid if considering products sold through network marketing
  • What online video does for you
  • Seven ways to use online video
  • The best video to shoot to increase your business
  • Connecting with corporate, government, and school wellness programs
  • And more!


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About Your Host

photo of Lacey SwartzLacey Swartz is a wife and mother of five who longs to see sustainable life restored in all the world. She provides natural health and sustainable living resources via her inbox magazine to save her readers hours of internet research time, and answers common questions to spare her clients the waste and frustration of a trial and error approach to purchasing natural products in an age of greenwashing.

Equally passionate about economic sustainability, Lacey helps conscious consumers find smart referral programs that can help reduce or eliminate household budget lines; and as a social entrepreneur living in an era of massive job loss and equally massive opportunity, she teaches aspiring entrepreneurs to wisely evaluate business options for the greatest potential long-term impact and success. On her blog at KVOrganics.com, she shares her journey as a mission-minded mamapreneur focused on social change through ethical and transparent business, and she loves collaborating with and supporting like-minded social entrepreneurs in the global work of restoring sustainable living in all its various dimensions.

Having worked in the natural products and home business fields since 2005, Lacey is highly skilled at helping people understand both of these topics more fully in order to draw their own informed conclusions, without ever pushing her own opinions or choices on anyone. Although you’ll most often find her working from home in her sweats, she is fully committed to running a consulting business of the utmost professionalism and especially thankful to be able to stay home with her young family while still putting her inner teacher and MA in Education to good use in the world.


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